• Performance Series

    A series of energetic evening shows at Millennium Place

    Performance Series

  • Spring Workshops at Millennium Place

    From painting to crafting to learning new languages, you can discover just about anything.

    Spring Workshops at Millennium Place

  • Monthly Movie Series

    Get the conversation rolling around the dinner table or water cooler with these topical documentaries, including Oscar nominations.

    Monthly Movie Series

  • Making Waves In The Mountains

    From April 1 - May 11, support the initiative to build a standing wave park in Pemberton.

    Making Waves In The Mountains

  • Children's Festival

    Fun and delight come to the mountains at the annual Whistler Children's Festival.

    Children's Festival

Upcoming Events

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Happy New Year From The Whistler Arts Council

We've got big plans for 2014. Have a peek:


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