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The Gallery is located on the upper level of Maurice Young Millennium Place in Whistler Village. It is open to the public Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and on Sundays from 4pm to 7pm. The Whistler Arts Council curates a variety of unique art exhibitions in The Gallery each year, most of which feature local and Canadian artists. Admission is free.



June 27 - August 31  | The Gallery at Millennium  Place  |  Free Admission

From June 27th to August 31st the Whistler Arts Council at Millennium Place is the Home of ArtWalk, featuring The Gift Shop showcasing local artisans work and The Gallery hosting the ArtWalk Group show. Featured artists include;  Allee Wells, Denise Hughes, Emily Tolmie, Kylie Millar, Lani Imre, Marcelle Armatage, Marjo Vierros, Dave Petko, Toby Jaxon and Matt Walker. 

This group exhibit displays a variety of styles, genres and mediums from pottery to film. The element of texture is evident throughout the exhibit with each artist expressing texture differently. Texture, like any element of art, can enhance and support an artist's concept behind the work. Some artists will use texture as an influencer to a viewer's response to a piece. In any work of art, however, texture can draw us in so that we spend more time with each piece.

Texture stimulates two different senses; sight and touch. There are four types of texture in art: actual texture, simulated texture, abstract texture, and invented texture. Actual Texture is a combination of how the painting looks, and how it feels to the touch. It is associated both with the heavy build up of paint, such as an impasto effect, or the addition of materials. Simulated texture is when an artist creates the visual effect of texture without actually adding texture. For instance, a texture created to look like something other than paint on a flat surface. Implied texture is texture that does not directly represent the object it is connected with but the concept of the object is translated in textural patterns. Inventive texture is a creative way of adding alternate materials to create an interesting texture. Invented texture typically appears in abstract works, as they are entirely non-objective.

Wander through the exhibit to see how artists have used each of the four types of texture.




September 3 – October 12 | The Gallery at Millennium  Place  |  Free Admission

The Resort Municipality of Whistler is turning 40. To celebrate how far our town has come, we will be showcasing an eclectic collection of art, artefact, and memorabilia that tells stories of the past 40 years in our community. Artists who wish to have their work included in this show can do so now through August 9th via an online application form.

Artist submission deadline: Sunday, August 9th at midnight


The Gallery at Millennium Place chats with Whistler artist Baz Carolan in Episode #1 of the Backdrop Sessions

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